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Detached house For sale, San Martino Valle Caudina
Detached house For sale
Prezzo:€ 13.000
Casa indipendente Vendita San Martino Valle Caudina
San Martino Valle Caudina
1 rooms
| 22 m²  |
One room on the ground floor, kitchen and bathroom. Central excellent as a base for those who love to spend the weekend in our country or local agency has a commerciale. Ogni owners and are...
Prezzo:€ 13.000 |  22 m²  |  1 rooms 
Detached house For sale
Prezzo:€ 65.000
Casa indipendente Vendita Moschiano
1 rooms
| 60 m²  |
Capitalhouse subsidiary of Palma Campania (NA), offers for sale in Moschiano (AV) in a central solution semi-detached on three levels. The property comprises: ground floor living room with kitchen...
Prezzo:€ 65.000 |  60 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment For sale, Monteforte Irpino
Apartment For sale
Prezzo:€ 25.000
Appartamento Vendita Monteforte Irpino
Monteforte Irpino
1 rooms
| 30 m²  |
In Monteforte Irpino, at Via Nazionale around 1 km from the village center and about 3 km from the highway Baiano propose, in the countryside, a furnished studio consists of one room with a...
Prezzo:€ 25.000 |  30 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment To rent, Atripalda
Apartment To rent
Prezzo:€ 290 per month
Appartamento Affitto Atripalda
1 rooms
| 60 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 290 per month |  60 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment For sale, Avellino
Apartment For sale
Prezzo:€ 50.000
Appartamento Vendita Avellino
Centro città
1 rooms
| 38 m²  |
Avellino Corso Umberto, just shortly after the castle next to the little house of the prince! Vendesi interesting newly built apartment on the first floor one room to be finished, in the rough,...
Prezzo:€ 50.000 |  38 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment To rent, Ariano Irpino
Apartment To rent
Prezzo su richiesta
Appartamento Affitto Ariano Irpino
Ariano Irpino
1 rooms
| 75 m²  |
Prezzo su richiesta |  75 m²  |  1 rooms 
Detached house For sale, Monteforte Irpino
Detached house For sale
Prezzo:€ 8.000
Casa indipendente Vendita Monteforte Irpino
Monteforte Irpino
1 rooms
| 25 m²  |
In the heart of the old town of Monteforte Irpino (AV) offer for sale a small semi-independent solution to renovate approximately 25 mq. La solution consists of one room with lovely caminetto....
Prezzo:€ 8.000 |  25 m²  |  1 rooms 
Garage For sale, Monteforte Irpino
Garage For sale
Prezzo:€ 6.500
Box / Garage Vendita Monteforte Irpino
Monteforte Irpino
1 rooms
| 37 m²  |
At the center, a short walk from the main square of the country have in a building, an attic room of about mq.37 with window on the fourth floor with lift, with all standard facilities. It...
Prezzo:€ 6.500 |  37 m²  |  1 rooms 
Garage For sale, Mercogliano
Garage For sale
Prezzo:€ 20.000
Box / Garage Vendita Mercogliano
1 rooms
| 31 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 20.000 |  31 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment For sale
Prezzo:€ 138.000
Appartamento Vendita Solofra
1 rooms
| 77 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 138.000 |  77 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment To rent, Avellino
Apartment To rent
Prezzo:€ 250 per month
Appartamento Affitto Avellino
1 rooms
| 30 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 250 per month |  30 m²  |  1 rooms 
Penthouse To rent, Montoro Superiore
Penthouse To rent
Prezzo:€ 350 per month
Attico / Mansarda Affitto Montoro Superiore
Montoro Superiore
1 rooms
| 75 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 350 per month |  75 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment To rent, Montoro Inferiore
Apartment To rent
Prezzo:€ 220 per month
Appartamento Affitto Montoro Inferiore
Montoro Inferiore
1 rooms
| 50 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 220 per month |  50 m²  |  1 rooms 
Apartment For sale, Marzano Di Nola
Apartment For sale
Prezzo:€ 18.000
Appartamento Vendita Marzano Di Nola
Marzano Di Nola
1 rooms
| 45 m²  |
Capitalhouse, a subsidiary of Palma Campania (Naples), offers for sale in Marzano di Nola (NA) small settlement in the town center, excellent as a base or as an investment. The property consists of...
Prezzo:€ 18.000 |  45 m²  |  1 rooms 
Garage To rent, Avellino
Garage To rent
Prezzo:€ 100 per month
Box / Garage Affitto Avellino
1 rooms
| 25 m²  |
The Reflex Estate proposes in lease, in the central area, garage box for a car of 25 sq.m. ca..con ample space for deposito. In excellent state of preservation and easy to maneuver accesso. L...
Prezzo:€ 100 per month |  25 m²  |  1 rooms