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Properties Melito Irpino. Search for homes in Melito Irpino, Annunci immobiliare For sale and To rent.
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Detached house For sale, Melito Irpino
Detached house For sale
Prezzo:€ 99.000
Casa indipendente Vendita Melito Irpino
In centro con tavernetta e mansarda abitabile
Melito Irpino
5 rooms
| 200 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 99.000 |  200 m²  |  5 rooms 
Villa For sale, Melito Irpino
Villa For sale
Prezzo:€ 79.000
Villa Vendita Melito Irpino
Melito Irpino
più di 5 rooms
| 300 m²  |
Melito Irpino, in the suburban area and scenic, yet only 800 meters ca. Heroes' Square, offer for sale portion of the villa square meters under construction. 300.00 ca. well as square meters....
Prezzo:€ 79.000 |  300 m²  |  più di 5 rooms 
Apartment For sale, Melito Irpino
Apartment For sale
Prezzo:€ 129.000
Appartamento Vendita Melito Irpino
Melito Irpino
4 rooms
| 115 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 129.000 |  115 m²  |  4 rooms 
Semi-detached house For sale
Prezzo:€ 199.000
Villetta a schiera Vendita Melito Irpino
Melito Irpino
più di 5 rooms
| 300 m²  |
Melito Irpino, in the central area, Rose Square, offer for sale terraced house of approx. 300.00 ca. recently renovated with private garden. The restructuring involved over the fixtures and...
Prezzo:€ 199.000 |  300 m²  |  più di 5 rooms