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Palaces in Caltanissetta. Search for properties Un Palazzo Uno Stabile For sale To rent in Caltanissetta.
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 28.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Gela
50 m²
Prezzo:€ 28.000 |  50 m²   
Palace For sale, Mazzarino
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 300.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Mazzarino
più di 5 rooms
| 144 m²  |
Prezzo:€ 300.000 |  144 m²  |  più di 5 rooms 
Palace For sale, Niscemi
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 87.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Niscemi
più di 5 rooms
| 210 m²  |
building overlooking two streets (via vacirca and via donizzetti) of three floors of about 70 square meters each, condoned and habitable, consisting of: ground floor with kitchen, bedroom, closet,...
Prezzo:€ 87.000 |  210 m²  |  più di 5 rooms 
Palace For sale, Serradifalco
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 499.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Serradifalco
Vendesi intero stabile di prestigio, Serradifalco.
5 rooms
| 850 m²  |
We offer for sale an independent building with two dwellings and warehouses for commercial use. The stable, tastefully finished, can adapt to many needs, to be used both as a home and as an...
Prezzo:€ 499.000 |  850 m²  |  5 rooms 
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 23.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Delia
Vendesi casa indipendente a Delia
3 rooms
| 200 m²  |
We offer for sale a detached house, in Via Giuseppe Giorgio, in Delia. a hall bathroom. On the upper floor we find a large under-roof of 110 square meters. The request is 23,000 euros negotiable....
Prezzo:€ 23.000 |  200 m²  |  3 rooms 
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 350.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Delia
Vendesi prestigioso Stabile a Delia
più di 5 rooms
| 840 m²  |
We offer for sale the entire building, located in Via Berlinguer, in Delia. The building in excellent condition, is structured as follows: -large warehouse on the ground floor of 120 square...
Prezzo:€ 350.000 |  840 m²  |  più di 5 rooms 
Palace For sale, Caltanissetta
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 129.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Caltanissetta
Centro città
5 rooms
| 200 m²  |
Caltanissetta, next to the margherita theater, in the heart of the city, we offer exclusive building composed of 5 apartments divided as follows: 2 two-storey apartments on the ground floor, a...
Prezzo:€ 129.000 |  200 m²  |  5 rooms 
Palace For sale, Mussomeli
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 50.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Mussomeli
200 m²
Ancient 19th century palace in the heart of the historic center of Mussomeli. The building of great historical importance is composed of: - Ground Floor composed of 4 rooms -1 ° Floor composed...
Prezzo:€ 50.000 |  200 m²   
Palace For sale
Prezzo:€ 280.000
Palazzo / Stabile Vendita Gela
330 m²
Sale whole stable of civil room, consists of garage 75 square meters, green area 20 sqm on the ground floor. Three apartments on three floors, each 85 sq.m., independent and bright, every floor has...
Prezzo:€ 280.000 |  330 m²